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A cookie is a text file which contains several technologies enabling browsing activities to be monitored on the hard disk of the user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) while a website is being consulted. The cookie enables its transmitter to identify the device in which it is recorded, during the validity or recording period of said cookie.

In general cookies do not contain any information allowing a user to be identified personally, but the personal information that we store about you may be linked to information stored in the cookies and retrieved from them.

Use and storage of cookies

Subject to the alternatives deriving from your browser’s parameters, we use various cookies on our web site:

“Persistent” cookies, which are stored by a web browser and which remain valid until their expiry date, unless you delete them before the expiry date
“Session” cookies, which expire once your session ends – when Web browser is closed
Analytical” cookies, which generate statistics and traffic & use volumes for the various parts of the web site

The first time you visit our web site, we ask you for authorisation to install and record cookies on your device.

If you refuse, or delete the cookies already recorded on your device, we will inform you that your browsing experience on our web site may be limited and that you will no longer be able to enjoy certain functionalities.

The storage life of the cookies issued by Abcell-bio is 14 months.

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