About Us

We present Abcell-bio’s team of experts: multidisciplinary and at your service, attentive to you and your projects.

Troels Kristiansen

Président-directeur général

Troels Kristiansen joined ABCell-bio as CEO in September 2018. 

He has a research background in molecular biology from the University of Southern Denmark and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, centered around translational research using a combination of classic cell biology and high throughput technology platforms (such as DNA micro-array platforms, peptide arrays and LC-MS/MS).

Prior to his current positions, he worked at Novo Nordisk as a Senior Strategy, responsible for strategic and operational planning of the Early Research portfolio.

Currently, he also serves as CSO for Sera Scandia A/S and Biowest SAS.

Mélanie Lavergne

Development Partnership Manager

After passing an Associate’s Degree in Biological Engineering on a block release course with a hospital medical analysis laboratory, Mélanie obtained a professional Master’s degree in Tissue, Cell and Gene Therapies, plus a Doctorate in medical engineering from Evry University. She has participated in R&D projects for over 10 years, affording her expertise in the fields of cell culture, stem cells and bio-engineering. She is now supporting the development of the partnerships, responsible for partnership contracts, management of the network of partner maternity wards, and regulatory affairs.

Sandra Torres

Lab Operations Manager

Holder of a Master’s Degree in “Basic fundamentals of new cell therapies” from UPEC university, Sandra TORRES obtained her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from the UPEC university in 2007. In 2008, she joined the company to set up its hematopoietic and endothelial range. She is currently in charge of the company’s production and R&D laboratory.

The areas of expertise she has acquired over her 15 years of professional experience are mainly in cell culture, hematopoiesis and vascular biology.

Julie Vendomele

Sales Manager

After a bachelor's degree in Biology, Julie integrates a master in Immunology at the Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris. Then she joined Genethon laboratory, where she passes her PhD in Immunology in 2018. After an experience as a site manager in a private school, she joins ABCell-Bio as Sales Manager.

Nadine Tebar Villar

Office Manager