Help research
by collecting cord blood!


Stem cells derived from cord blood, isolated by ABCell-Bio, are used in scientific research.

They are widely studied in areas as varied as immunotherapy, cancerology, parasitology and cardio-vascular diseases.


The use of cord blood stem cells is regulated by Bioethics laws.  

The donation is voluntary, anonymous, and free of charge.

Women are asked to donate this blood product when they give birth.
Organizing the collection for research purposes is simpler than for therapeutic use:

No questionnaire, nor prior medical interview with the patient

No monitoring of the patient after blood collection

A partnership with maternities

An agreement is signed
between the hospital and Abcell-bio

and support for the nursing staff by Abcell-bio

The equipment for extractions
is provided.
Transport is organized by Abcell-bio

Want to know more?

What people are saying about working with us?

Béclère AP-HP Hospital, Clamart, France

“Donations of cord blood are indispensable in the care of patients around the world waiting for an organ transplant. Setting up safe and efficient techniques necessitates research in a number of indispensable steps. Donating for research is easy, altruistic and our duty.”

Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Paris, France

“The patients feel they are being useful and participating by donating their cord blood for their child’s future medical environment. This extraction is well accepted and is very often agreed to by the patients when we present it to them.”